After a long time of going back and forth on starting a new blog, I've finally done it. I love that I have followers over here and I sure hope you all show up over there as well. I'll be posting the same kinds of things (obviously pictures) but I'll also be doing occasional tips for taking better pictures, choosing a nice camera, or finding a killer location. So, head over there and comment. It's nice to know that people are actually looking at my blog. :)

About Jennifer Wyeth Photography

I am a fun-loving girl who spends my time with my family, friends, attempting to relax, and taking pictures. I live in Colorado Springs and love taking pictures of babies, children, high school seniors, families, lovebirds, and maternity. Thanks for stopping by and come by often to look for specials and contests!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Newest One

This sweet future Oscar winner came into our Laurel class right before I was released. I fell in love with her spunk and charm long before she was a Laurel though. She is SO strong. I wish she could see how strong she is... how very amazing she is. I know, in time, she will. She will go far in life and somewhere, there is some lucky boy out there who is going to get much much more than he bargained for... in a good way. This beautiful girl brightens my day every time I get an unexpected text from her. I hope they never ever stop!!