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About Jennifer Wyeth Photography

I am a fun-loving girl who spends my time with my family, friends, attempting to relax, and taking pictures. I live in Colorado Springs and love taking pictures of babies, children, high school seniors, families, lovebirds, and maternity. Thanks for stopping by and come by often to look for specials and contests!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jaime, these are for you!

While I was in San Diego I shot Jaime and her family. At the same time I shot another friend of mine from college, Eag. (her real name is Alisa but I honestly have to think about it before I can remember her given name...) Eag has SUCH a darling little girl so stay tuned for pictures of the two of them. Until then, here are some shots of the Dan Prigmore family.

(How fabulous is her hair?)
(seriously, this Daddy shot makes me want to cry...)

I love this girl! I always have. And she married SUCH a great guy. It makes me so happy to see my close friends happy. And how VERY adorable is little Luke? I have told her a millions times that she needs to get him into modeling. I think she thinks I'm kidding... I'm SO not!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Business Man's Paradise

These are taken in my parent's backyard. Lucky little Dad of mine. This was reason enough for him to buy the house! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Story About a Girl

I have an amazing (but STUBBORN) cousin, Camie. She is so very wonderful. She's so well-rounded. She's tall, beautiful, smart, funny, and most of all, related to ME! :)

Camie, as mentioned before, is a teensy bit stubborn. She has had it in that pretty little head of hers that she doesn't need a man. As of 18 months ago, she was COMPLETELY convinced that she was never going to get married. Not only was she never going to get married, but she was NEVER, EVER going to have kids. Well.... Enter, Mike, the handsome, witty, charming Marine. It took all of a few short months for the two of them to decide they were PERFECT for each other. They couldn't be more right. Mike it so great for her and she is even better for him. She was living with my parents at the time that they got engaged. They were going to have a big white wedding in October. (This was March at the time.) So, wedding plans went along as they always do, Camie moves out into the apartment they will share after their wedding in October, and they lead their unassuming lives in bliss... right? No.
Something else you need to know about Cam: she NEVER does things the easy way. We come to find out in May or June, that about 2 weeks after they got engaged, they had gone town to the court house in San Diego (complete in jeans, tank top, and flip flops) and tied the knot. :) At least she had the decency to tell her parents. (She is their only daughter.)
Fast forward to October on their wedding day. Guess who has to SQUEEZE into her wedding dress? Guess why? That's right. Little Miss "I don't need a man and I will NEVER have children" is PREGGERS!
So, Camie has become head-over-heals for not only her handsome Marine but also for her little baby girl, Calla. She should be coming any day now (she may even already be here) and we can NOT wait! I can't think of a person in this world that deserves happiness more than Camie. She is so amazing and I love her SO very much. Tune in later for pictures of little Calla. I'm going over there as soon as she comes home to snap a few pics of her.
So, without further adieu, here is my beautiful pregnant cousin, Camie.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Little Izzy

Isabella is my cousin, Neal's daughter. He is married to such an amazing woman, Lisa, who fits SO very well into the family. They are so great about coming to see us when we come into town. When they were down last week I took a few pictures of Izzy. Here are a few of my favorites. She turns one any day now. Isn't she a doll?

Friday, April 4, 2008

What a Cutie!!

I had so much fun taking pictures of Jennae Tengberg (now Porter). We grew up together and our parents are now neighbors. She was in San Diego at the same time as me and her parents have an AMAZING backyard so we just shot over there. I got some great shots of her, Matt, and adorable little Savannah.