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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lots O' Pictures

I can't help it. I know there are FAR too many pictures posted here but you have to understand, this is Kelly and her family. Kelly is my sister (obviously, older;)). So, I love her... and her husband, Robby, and the Ladies. You have seen pictures of the Ladies before on here if you are a faithful reader. (In other words, if you are my Grandma.) I just love the Ladies. They are basically my kids. Our kids spend TONS of time together and can't get enough of each other.

I use to think that I was the favorite Aunt. A few weeks ago, the Ladies were over playing. It had been a fun evening. We had played in the backyard, caught lizards, made and decorated sugar cookies, made a fort out of the kitchen table, and sang and danced to EVERY Disney princess song I know. And when I sing and dance I make a COMPLETE fool out of myself to get the kids to laugh. Anyways, the evening was coming to a close and I was painting their nails. Abby quietly said to me, "Aunt Jenny, you know who my favorite aunt is?" I politely said, "Who, Abs?" thinking that quite obviously it was yours truly. "Aunt Abby," she says. (Kevin's wife.) I was SPEECHLESS! I mean, she's really cool, but did you read the list of things I did with them? I know she's the favorite because she has that blasted cute red headed baby. Dang her. So, I am thinking in my head, "Well, that sucks but at least I'm Gracie's favorite." Then Grace says, "Aunt Jenny, do you want to know who MY favorite Aunt is?" "Who Grace?" "Aunt Hillary." WHAT?!? Seriously? I love my sister-in-laws but I am WAY MORE FUN! (Yeah, you two, you heard me!) It wasn't even prompted. I didn't even ASK who the favorite aunt was! SO LAME! Good thing they're cute and irresistible or we would have serious issues going on.
Anyways, pictures... enjoy.

Above: Abby. Below: Grace.

Below, Grace on the left and Abby on the right.

what a hot couple, huh?

Above: Abby. Below, Grace.


Courtney said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! OMG!! Those turned out SOOOO good!

Anonymous said...


Tami said...

Ha - that's a great story. I love the one of the girls running away from behind - holding hands.

Sandie said...

Hard to be the MBA ... "most beautiful aunt" (for those of you who don't know!) Took years for you to finally catch on! Kell and the ladies are gorgeous, Robby is a lucky man to surround himself with the three graces! Cute pix! hugs,
Aunt Sandie

Michael, Camie and Calla said...

I SO love these pics. I can't believe how big the ladies are getting!!! When are you coming to SD next?