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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Denver Nuggets ~ Colorado Springs Photographer

A few weeks ago Bryan and I were lucky enough to get front row seats to the Nuggets/Clippers game. And when I say front row, I literally mean on the floor, in the folding chairs, no one sitting in front of us, 10 feet from the Nugget players on the side lines, listening to them talk to each other, almost right under the basket. It was SO awesome. The Nuggets won me over that night. But, LET THIS BE CRYSTAL CLEAR, I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE A SUNS FAN FIRST AND FOREMOST. I owe that much to my darling husband. But, I have to jump on some Denver bandwagon since we are settled here now... and it won't be the Broncos so the Nuggets win. (plus, I like watching basketball more than other sports.) We had a blast at the game and it was definitely the best date night we've had for a while. The Nuggets squeezed out a win and we got to watch Griffen, who I learned is a rookie who's super awesome, play against them. Did I mention that the tickets were FREE?!?!?

Anderson and all his awesome tats. (They were so cool but if my son EVER covered himself to this extent I would rip his ears off.)
Griffen and Nene.
Afflalo warming up. (I think this is him...)